Favorite Placenta Recipes

The Benefits of Eating Placenta

Eating any kind of human body part is considered taboo, but there are many who choose to consume their own placenta after child birth. In some cultures they believe that eating the placenta will prevent post-partum depression and some health problems that are associated with childbirth. Many mammals practice Placentophagy (eating their own placenta) because it helps them to produce more milk and it is known to clean the uterus after child birth.

These days there are contradictions regarding placentophagia because others believe that there is no need for healthy mothers to eat their own placenta, but there are some who believe that placenta eating has lots of benefits and medicinal power. It is also known that placenta contains vitamins and minerals that help the mother to recover after giving birth. It also helps balance hormones and can help prevent baby blues, also known as postpartum depression. If the mother cant take eating the placenta there are available forms that do not need cooking. Dry powdered capsules can be made from your placenta and taken as a supplement. It’s very easy to make your own placenta capsules.

With all the marvel of the miracles of fetal development and wonders of birth, little attention is given to the miraculous organ that helped the growing fetus to get enough nourishment. The placenta starts to grow during the beginning of fetal growth to take over the hormone productions that are needed to support the pregnancy around twelve weeks of gestation. It helps nourish the baby and plays an important role in the elimination of waste. Though the placenta is a disposable organ it helps the development inside the mothers womb. Other cultures have different beliefs and ceremonies regarding the placenta that are totally foreign to others. Some of this ceremonies and beliefs are burying of the placenta in the ground in celebration of bringing the placenta back to earth. It is believed that planting a tree on the ground where the placenta is buried will nourish the plants growth.

Placenta contains vitamin B6 that is known to reduce postpartum depression. It is believed that eating the placenta will reclaim the vitamins and nutrients that are lost in the body during the child birth. It also increases the blood levels and a hormone known as Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH) that acts as a stress reducer. Since the level of CRH decreases post-partum, it results in depression that will affect the role of a woman as a mother to her child. Eating of their placenta will increase the level of CRH and reduce symptoms of the postpartum depression. Human placenta is also rich in protein and iron which are important nutrients in the body, placentophagia also replenishes nutrients that are lost because of blood loss, and is also a known practice among vegan mothers that are experiencing low blood iron levels. For mothers who are having difficulty in producing milk, placentophagia will help increase breast milk production which is vital for a healthy baby.

The placenta is an organ that is expelled by a woman after giving birth. It has springy chewy texture that is similar to a heart but it is more sponge-like. Human placenta has a taste similar to chicken liver. Most women are unaware of the benefits of eating placenta but many mothers enjoy eating their own placenta after birth because of the benefits it is capable of giving. Eating placenta is common to other cultures and to the animal kingdom. In many countries consuming placenta is socially acceptable because it is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals and particularly in vitamin B6 which is known to fight depression.

The practice of consuming placenta was fashionable during 1970s among what they called earth mothers. But because of the criticism placenta eating has recieved, it is considered by some as taboo. Some even consider it to be a form of cannabalism. Not all mothers are willing to take their placenta home but to others eating their placenta is just a normal thing. However whether you choose to eat it or not, the placenta is still a part of the mother and it plays a very important role to make the baby healthy inside the womb of the mother.

Since eating placenta is somewhat common these days, there are several placenta recipes available. There are different ways on how to cook the placenta and how people choose to consume it varies greatly. Some use placenta as a substitute for liver or beef. You should treat the placenta as you would an animal meat. You may tenderize or ground it if you wish, or cut it into slices or cubes. However when cooking placenta you must remove the umbilical cord and the membranes.

Though placenta recipes are great, cooking placenta from unknown sources can be risky. Because of the blood-borne diseases, eating placenta from unknown sources might bring danger and illness. Since there isn’t really an easy way to be 100% sure, the safest bet is to only eat your own placenta.

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79 thoughts on “Favorite Placenta Recipes

    1. sammie

      Don’t judge other people because you don’t understand. It’s about respect for life and nature. it has different meaning for diffferent people

      1. Dr. Jenkins

        I’m judging this, based on the fact that it is the most DISGUSTING @#$% I have ever encountered. I have seen some hardcore &^%$ sometimes, but never in my life something this grotesque and disturbing. You call it “a way of life”…I call it disgusting.

        1. Steff

          “because of the FACT it’s DISGUSTING”- Google the definitions for “fact” and “opinion”. Ps: we’re one of the few animals that sometimes choose NOT to eat it. Beats having post-partum depression don’tcha think? If they reckon it works-why not?

          1. noncannibal

            We’re also one of the few animals that don’t eat their young. So while you’re enjoying your placenta roast, with placenta gravy, why not take a side of young child back ribs for an appie

        2. New momma

          I feel like a lot of you are being very disrespectful! Everyone is untitled to there own opinion. Weather or not you choose to eat the placenta is your choice, but saying things like its canniblism and that it’s discussing, and comparing it to eating your young, isn’t ok! It’s disrespectful to other cultures and peoples beleifes! Sure it’s not something I would personally do, but I wouldn’t put it down! This is part if whts wrong with the world! Learn to respect others and other cultures and for f***s sakes get your heads out of you A holes!!!!! Rant of a pregnant lady, but seriously, grow up!

        3. paris

          So you are A full out vegan then? Or do you eat animals and find that normal? If you don’t like it, don’t do it, get off this page

    2. Ashton

      Why is it so gross? We eat liver,intestines,hearts,thighs etc from animals why can’t a mother choose to eat placenta without being ridiculed on how disgusting she is. I wouldnt eat an animals heart but im not going to say how gross it is to someone who likes it. Its thats persons choice. People need to be more open minded to other cultures.

          1. noncannibal

            Tamara, you truly are a dumb as a brick. All things excluding bones, and hair are flesh. So contrary to your belief, flesh is not only skin. Placenta is flesh. Therefore by your definition of cannibalism…. eating ones placenta is a form of cannibalism…. you filthy cannibals.

          2. Dusty

            You guys who have negative comments should do your research as to why people choose to eat the placenta. I am 7 months pregnant and highly interested in either cooking and eating my own placenta or capsulating them for the simple fact they replenish your vitamins and hormones and increases milk production to nourish your baby and reduce post partum depression. There are 1000’s of people who do this. Frankly I think its a smart idea.

      1. Non-Cannibal

        Umm… Lets see its it self-cannibalism. Why your at it drink your period blood every month so that doesn’t go to waste either?

      2. Cheyanne

        Agreed! I wish some of these people would actually look more into things & learn more about others cultures before saying insults like the twit’s they are! Why is almost everyone so narrow minded?

    3. Ngela

      I hate to have to say this but before technology and everything else that has ruined this planet, people used to eat what came from the earth, everything that was given to them for free or by trade. And placenta, while it has no scientific evidence nor will it ever because clinical testing is by standards made by scientists and physicians, not humane; the placenta may be able to cure PPD or void the illness.
      And at this point, I really wish I had demanded my placenta with how I feel.

    1. Ngela

      I know a lot of doctors that have less of an education than I do and I still have not graduated… I waste time learning it backwards and forwards when they just learned it to graduate and get paid.

  1. Jatana

    I ate the placenta from my third child and this helped my postpartum I had with the other 2 children. I am expecting my 4th child and plan to consume my placenta again. It isn’t hurting anyone. Go for it!

  2. Aubrey

    Has anyone done any studies on how many of the nutrients are lost when you cook or dehydrate a placenta? I know that eating it raw provides the optimal benefit, but the ick factor is higher when it is raw. Also, if raw placenta is blended into a smoothie with, say, strawberries, is it still detectable by sight or taste?

  3. Johnny

    This is so wrong, I don’t mind eating the missus out but I wouldn’t eat this.
    Why not eat your period next time your ovulating.

    1. Nani

      Wow Johnny that’s a great idea! In fact women used to cure themselves and their community with remedies based on “period’s” blood… jaja
      But as you know now our period is not bloody anymore, but is blue like the ones on the advertisements (and some other blue things that people this days actually eat- that’s wrong!).

    2. Dawn

      You need to read up on women a bit more Johnny. We don’t bleed while we ovulate. We bleed after we ovulate (like 2 weeks give or take) and only because the egg was not fertilized or did not attach to the uterus walls if it was.

      I just find it ridiculous that you’d think that. I’m sure you “wouldn’t mind eating the missus out,” but by the simple fact that you don’t know she isn’t ovulating while she’s bleeding, I can assume that you have not had, nor ever will have, a “missus” to eat out.

  4. Christopher Henry Brown

    My name is Christopher Brown. I am of American descent. In America, eating placenta’s in widely regarded as the nom. I love me a good placenta. After eating a placenta i like to play with hoovers, and pour eye liner over my body. I am the kind of person to eat placentas.

  5. Jacques Ferreira

    My name is Jacques, and I support this product. Chomping on a meaty placenta is what I love to do best after a long day of slinging spider webs and brushing my teeth with COLGATE.

  6. Thomas Dunsby

    OOOH ghee, i love me some placenta! It is a neccessity that you eat it raw, you dont want to cook away the natural flavour that comes with the beautiful fleshy discharge known as the placenta. while eating it raw, it does go well with a dollop of blackcurrant jam and a few drops of tabasco sauce. you can put it between two slices of bread and make a nice meaty placenta sandwich. the placenta connects the baby to the mother so indulging in that connection (as the father) gives me an experience you could never imagine! PLACENTAS FTW!!!!!

  7. Santiago Iglaceus

    After my wife had our child we were not certain if we were going to eat the placenta, but her identical twin sister who has already had a child told us she would never eat placenta cos its nasty fam… but i dont care what she thinks cos out the two of em my wife is waay piffer blad, she said if we were to eat it she couldnt look at me or her sister the same again…. so i said AM I A DICKHEAD THO! slapped her in the face with the placenta and started muchin on dat ting as if it was a jalapeno

  8. Frida

    I will prep my first placenta for a client this upcoming week (I’m a doula) but I wonder if there are any studies as mensioned above? We will do a Mother Tinkture and capsules but for the future it would be nice to know (when people ask) about the things kept in the placenta after steaming… :)

  9. John Strickland

    I love to eat placenta and it is very true that RAW is the best way although I prefer to cook it. I am a regular at my local hospital where I pick up all the unwanted placentas and aborted fetuses and take them home to make a huge VuhJayJay Stew. My neighbors love the smell of it as I let all the naturally fishy flavors merry into a delightful supper. Its best served with a burnt toast covered in runny feces and a side of yeast infection cottage cheese.

  10. Jake

    I just caught my new nephew as he emerged from my brothers girlfriends vagina, I must say it was a side of her I had never seen before…anyhoo…I was pumped they we allowing me to take her placenta home, I couldn’t wait to fry it up with some bacon and 8 cloves of garlic! I’ve had the placenta of other species before,but I swear i could taste a hint of ginger from hers. It was delectable and I can’t wait until my aunt has her baby in November. Has anyone tried to preserve a placenta in a raw or cooked state? Such as canning or vacuum sealing? She lives across the country and it would have to be shipped…any input would be appreciated!

    1. B


  11. Queefy McGee

    I prefer the taste of ballsack over placenta. Although it is much harder to obtain. The taste makes it sooooooo worth it. THe crunch of that testicle in my mouth just feels right. Anyways, I believe raw placenta is the way to go. Slurp Slurp

  12. Lynn

    This makes me want to throw up. Why not just take a B6 supplement? It’d be so much easier. You can also get protein and iron from other non-meat sources if you’re vegan! I guess if you insist on eating the placenta you should also make a nice side dish of rocky mountain oysters to go along with it.

  13. Disgustedbyignorance

    For all of you who actually took the time to register just to post an inane, vulgar or negative comment, You are truly pathetic. I’m glad this article has given you an opportunity to waste your pointless lives.

    1. Woman

      Thank You.
      People are stupid.
      I’d rather consume something that came naturally from ME than from some scientifically engineered caca.

  14. Ross

    Just steamed our placenta the traditional Chinese way and left some aside for a smoothie in the morning. It was such an exciting moment we shared together that it only seemed natural to consume this beautiful organ. I will not partake in consuming this organ as it is now a Yang tonic and most men have enough yang energy. Human society is so misguided that we are the only species that does not eat the placenta but on the other hand we drink milk from another species all our lives something no other animal does.

  15. PlacentaBeast

    In my culture we skip the placenta, and instead eat the entire woman, to allow her newborn child to become the ‘new her’

  16. Max

    Do not see anything wrong with doing this at all. I didn’t eat my partners placenta, but I think I may give it a go if we have another kid. Wouldn’t quite call it cannibalism to be perfectly honest, since you are not killing and consuming, you’re just re-udsing/recycling. For those that are offended by this idea- don’t check out this sort of website.

  17. Fidel

    Why are so many dudes commenting on how gross this is when they dont even have to eat it? Unless you are gonna get PPD with your spouse then why bother? Otherwise you just crammed this article with your lack of reasoning. And just because it’s disgusting to you doesn’t make it so to everyone else. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  18. Carol

    It is so disappointing how many misguided people there are! If you are a woman who has given birth, or a sensitive person who has been very close to someone who has given birth, then you might be able to understand, especially if that person was educated on her body and childbirth. It is beyond physically exhausting, and it is also so truly natural and instinctive. Eating your placenta does not seem so gross when in that scenario, and it is natures design. I’m sure the people who are so grossed out by these are eating wonder bread, mcdonalds and fruit loops! Completely misguided on their bodies and nutrition!

  19. jon us

    OK you self loathing placenta lovers first off how dare you my wife and two pharmaceutical born children both ate my wife’s and mine placenta. We had steamed them with broccoli And chopped liver if u sprinkle some sea salt and ginger over that it will help make an more orgasmic placenta fallopian tube is a excellent dessert as well my partner and children are happy

  20. Naye

    Obviously it’s not for everyone. Knowledge is power. Before reading about the benefits of placenta eating, I thought it was gross too, my husband thinks it’s cannibalism. But the benefits you can receive from ingesting placenta sounds like something every mother could use after delivering a child. I don’t think I’d eat it as a stew or anything like that but capsule form I’d give a try.
    And to those who feel the need to voice your exaggerated disgust, no one is forcing you to eat some. Grow up. Why are you even on here? I came to this article to gather info, you dummies was obviously curious about it to look it up.

  21. Georgie

    I regret not eating my baby’s placenta. It would have been responsible as a new mother to have given myself the optimum chance of good health. I was grossed out for lack of experience and short of a recipe which did not include alcohol. Turning to this site out of interest in recipes I read “gross” a lot. I have heard the same said about nursing, birthing, meat-eating, nail-biting, dying, ageing, abottoirs, war etc. We need to focus on the comparative grossness of something in light of the benefits to our selves and our dependants, with respect to the huge toll of growing a baby, then raising a child. And the poor nutrition we receive from ordinary food these days.

  22. Vagita

    The thing that makes me not want to eat it is that they are doing studies on it, but are they really doing studies on it??

    I think it would work well in a nice Paella with all those other fruits of the sea.

    People say its like liver so maybe liver and bacon with crazy mash??

  23. Katherine

    Who actually cares what someone else chooses to eat. Do you ever judge your friends form their menu choices at dinner… if so, they ought to get new friends.
    While there is a maternal component, placental tissue is mainly derived from the fertilized egg and carries the fetus’s genome. So technically, wouldn’t eating the placenta fit the definition of cannibalism: eating the flesh of another individual of your own species.
    Rather than create waste why not create a meal?
    I personally cannot bring myself to eat eggs… I wish I could, I really do… but I feel gross from looking at them, but never have I judged those that do… if anything I envy them – a great product to cook with.
    Haters gonna hate… if you wanna try it (and have one to hand) them do it I say, what’s the harm?

  24. Actual cannibal, no seriously

    In my long lifetime I have consumed over 300 raw placentas from many of my victims… I mean friends. I agree with my canniballistic friends in the sense that the placenta doesn’t pack the true nutritional punch without devouring the entire woman as well. I also eat her husband for good measure. And the baby. And their dog. Delicious Placenta meat has given my life new meaning. I was about to kill myself, and you. Placenta meat saved my life and has helped my find Jesus. I will be forever grateful. p.s. The lemon and chives placenta was to die for! (Literally.)

  25. Joey P

    I am a student at Kingsborough High School, California. Placenta consumption is a large trend in our school cafeteria. Our principle is a very experienced man in the placenta world and has worked all sorts of yummy placenta recipes in our daily lunch menu!! I fully support the placenta consumption!! :-)

  26. Why do people care?

    Why do people care? If you want to eat your placenta – eat it. If you don’t want to eat it don’t eat it. It’s not hurting yourself or anyone else so why is it a big deal? L-cysteine, an amino acid most often synthesized from human hair, is found in most commercial breads …
    Who here eats bread? If you do you’re eating human hair. Cannibals 😉

  27. bbqpitmaster

    can you grill it??? Might be good if soak it in dales sauce and sprinkle some grill mates seasoning on it.

  28. Dr. Richter

    Ok.. you all are disturbed and I cannot recommend strongly enough that you seek professional psychiatric help.


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